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Additional Insurance Options


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During your consultation with your Benefits Counselor, he or she will review all of your benefits options with you, discuss your personal situation, and answer any questions you may have. Your Benefits Counselor will help educate you about additional insurance options available that you may wish to consider in order to make the best possible decision for you and your family. 

Short Term Medical

For Pre-65 Retirees who may experience a gap in coverage
Don’t risk going without coverage, even for a few days. Explore Short Term Medical coverage offered by Mercer Marketplace 365. These plans are a temporary solution to help fill gaps in coverage you or your family may be facing.

Critical Illness

For Pre-65 Retirees who want coverage for critical illness
Major medical health insurance is an important part of protecting both your health and well-being. Based on the specific individual medical plan you select, you may find there is a sizable deductible that must be fulfilled prior to your benefits beginning to cover the cost of service. For some people, other insurance coverage, such as a critical illness plan (cancer, heart attack, or stroke), may provide assistance in funding out-of-pocket costs or other related expenses. This additional coverage may help provide peace of mind and assist you in better managing unexpected health care expenses that can occur.