Year-Round Help


We are here to help beyond your initial enrollment

Once you have enrolled in your medical plan through Mercer Marketplace 365+ Retiree, your benefits counselor is available to provide assistance with any health care plan related matter. If you have questions about your plan or a claim, or problems resolving an issue with a carrier, help is just a phone call away. If you enrolled in a health insurance plan through us, our services are available to you at no charge. 

What to expect in the years to come

Typically, if you like your health care plan(s), and the carrier continues to offer the plan(s), you do not need to re-enroll each year. However, there are a few things you will need to consider each fall:

  • We will send you a reminder that the Open Enrollment Period is approaching, along with information on your HRA. If you do wish to make a new health care plan election, keep in mind the Medicare Open Enrollment Period is usually October 15–December 7; if you are Pre-65, the Open Enrollment Period is typically scheduled for the November 1 – December 15 timeframe; this is subject to change, so we will be sure to communicate with you in advance of that date.
  • By law, your insurance carrier is required to send you information about plan or pricing changes. Please be certain to open, review, and save all of this documentation.
  • If you are considering making a change to your health care plan, please be certain to contact a Mercer Marketplace 365+ Retiree benefits counselor BEFORE making any changes on your own. There are implications you will need to consider, and our benefits counselors are trained at making sure you understand these prior to enrolling in a new plan. 

"Having a Benefits Counselor made everything easy…I could ask him any questions that I needed to… It was a true source of comfort for my wife and I".

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